Noise-cancelling headphones: the secret survival tool for Call Centres

What happens
when you clear away the noisy distractions of the world? Concentration goes to
the next level, will get deeper into the work, or whatever want to focus on.
That’s the power of our Noise Cancelling technology.

If your
representatives are distracted by uncomfortable headsets or aren’t able to hear
or communicate clearly during calls, their productivity will suffer because of
it. To deal with the background noise, call centre employees may opt for
noise-cancelling headsets that help them hear and be heard.

So, what
factors have to look for when you looking for noise-cancelling headphones? Look
for anything with the term “noise-cancellation technology” on it.

There are
two types to look out for noise-cancelling headphones: active and passive.
Passive means, when the headphones are pressed against your head and the sound
is cut out in the process of closing your ears off to the world outside. It’s
not high-tech, it’s just isolation.

On the other
hand, Active noise cancellation, involves some interesting processes to cancel
sound out. Along with the padding which passively blocks sound, microphones
planted in the ear wells of headphones actively analyse the ambient noise level
and reflect sound waves back into your ear that work to zap the outside noise.

that works on active noise cancelling are more effective than what they do. Only
the downside is that this noise cancellation requires batteries in order to
function, so you’ll have to keep them charged if you want to keep the noises of
the outside world at bay.

Now, you’re ready to choose a set right? Let’s take a look at the best noise-cancelling headphones offered by Vivid.