Before Buying Headset; Is it the right one for you?

There are many telecom devices in today’s market, knowing which device is optimal for your needs is the key to successful communication, so don’t just compromise for any headset! Headsets have become more than just a microphone, earpiece and cord. With the modern technology there are many different features that allow your headset to be versatile. A headset device is no longer limited to just being an extension of your hand-held phone receiver. Different models give different benefits that complement your lifestyle or business needs.
Furthermore, a wireless headset will also make working easier and increase work place efficiency; all along being much more comfortable. When deciding which wireless headset is right for you there are 2 things to consider:
1) Which device you want to connect the headset to (desk phone, computer/laptop and or mobile phone).
2) Wearing style preference (MONO) or (DUO) coverage.
Vivid presenting vivid W 850-BT/D, available in Monaural or binaural wearing styles. Along with 400 feet of range the vivid 850-BT/D has a battery life of up to 12 hours of talk time. Additionally, the wireless solution for making hours of easy phone calls with superb sound quality and comfort. Elegant design, ultra-light weight and durable construction makes it perfect for all office and professional communication tasks.
Regardless of which device you choose, you can be assured that a wireless headset for your home office is a MUST HAVE you should not be without.